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discussion paper

Changes in Ghanaian farming systems: Stagnation or a quiet transformation?

This research was designed to understand better the patterns of agricultural intensification and transformation occurring in Africa South of the Sahara using the Ghanaian case. The paper examines changes in farming systems and the role of various endogenous…


Food policy in a complex, changing world

Food policy—at global, regional, national, and local levels —operates in an increasingly complex world that is changing faster than ever. In the past several decades, many important food policy questions have been answered and challenges have been overcome…


The twenty-first century agricultural cooperative

The twenty-first century producer organization can be more than an advocate or marketing body. With modern information and communication technologies at their fingertips, such organizations can upgrade their skills as well as their operations, to offer a…

discussion paper

Challenges in implementing a small-scale farmers’ capacity-building program: The case of the food production, processing, and marketing project in the Democratic Republic of Congo

In 2011, in collaboration with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the Democratic Republic of Congo’s government launched the Food Production, Processing, and Marketing project—which aimed to raise incomes and improve food security…

project paper

Optimal groundwater management in Pakistan’s Indus Water Basin

This report examines the management of groundwater in Pakistan’s Indus Basin through a model of groundwater extraction with hydrologic, economic, and tenure constraints. A groundwater extraction model for the Indus Basin is developed and simulates the effect…