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Africa in the global agricultural economy in 2030 and 2050

Africa has managed to maintain a favorable environment for growth and poverty reduction in the face of the series of global economic crises in the past couple decades. Part of this is due to Africa’s level of isolation from the global economy, but it is also…

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Megatrends and the future of African economies

This article argues that these projections about Africa’s future are a good deal less certain than the conventional wisdom might suggest. Foresighting exercises are often based on tenuous evidence of key underlying trends and tenuous assumptions about the…

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Renewing industrialization strategies in Africa

This chapter reviews Africa’s effort toward the renewal of industrialization over the past several years and proposes a new approach to industrial policy for Africa. The chapter is divided into five sections. After this introduction, the second section builds…

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Infrastructure challenges and potential for Africa South of the Sahara

This document presents a snapshot evaluation of the existing literature on the impacts of access to infrastructure, the current infrastructural situation in Africa, and the access gap in four major infrastructural sectors: rural telecommunications…