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project paper

Synopsis: Agricultural Growth in Ethiopia (2004-2014): Evidence and Drivers

Ethiopia’s agricultural sector has recorded remarkable rapid growth in the last decade. This note documents aspects of this growth process. Over the last decade, there have been significant increases – more than a doubling – in the use of modern inputs, such…

discussion paper

Can contract farming increase farmers’ income and enhance adoption of food safety practices?: Evidence from remote areas of Nepal

Growing inequality has become an important concern in many countries. One of the ways that inequality is perpetuated is through differential market access across regions. This research deals with one of the primary determinants of regional inequality…


Innovation for inclusive value-chain development: Successes and challenges: Synopsis

With roughly three-quarters of the world’s poor living in rural areas, addressing global poverty requires paying attention to rural populations, especially smallholder farmers in developing countries. Millions of smallholders and others among the developing…