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IFPRI food policy research for the EC - Female farmer with maize

IFPRI food policy research for the EC

2016 update highlights some of the key collaborations between IFPRI and the European Commission

project paper

Non-farm income and labor markets in rural Ethiopia

Ethiopia’s economy is rapidly transforming. However, the extent to which this is affecting off-farm income and labor markets in rural areas is not well understood. Based on a large-scale household survey in high potential agricultural areas, we find that total…

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Drought frequency change

project paper

Household resilience to drought: The case of Salima District in Malawi

This study identifies factors that affect resilience to drought among smallholder farmers in Salima, one of the districts frequently affected by drought in Malawi. The study contributes to the existing literature by constructing a drought resilience index (DRI…

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Taking aim: Progress on setting nutrition targes

Through the world health assembly (wha), countries have signed onto global nutrition targets, and as chapter 2 shows, one way to track countries’ progress is to apply these global targets to the national level. Yet targets that countries set for themselves are…