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Agricultural intensification and fertilizer use

A general question deriving from the preceding chapter is, what is the best approach for increasing agricultural productivity sustainably across and within different agricultural production zones? For example, is Asia’s Green Revolution model of high-yielding…

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Promoting gender equality in irrigation

Small-scale irrigation is increasingly recognized as a key strategy for enhancing agricultural productivity and food security under growing climate uncertainty in Africa south of the Sahara. Rainfed production dominates the region, but governments and other…


Reply to SA Tanumihardjo et al.

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Synopsis: Economy-wide impacts of the Productive Safety Net Programme (PSNP)

The findings from this study reveal that, on an economy-wide ba-sis, the benefits of PSNP significantly exceed the cost of PSNP transfers. New income created by PSNP benefits households that do not receive cash transfers; these non-beneficiaries benefit as…