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discussion paper

Limits to green revolution in rice in Africa: The case of Ghana

This paper examines closely the constraints in productivity improvements and evaluates available rice technologies looking at the heterogeneity of irrigated and rainfed ecologies in 10 regions in Ghana. Employing yield response models, profitability analysis…


Brasil: Ficha técnica-indicadores de I+D agropecuario

Esta ficha técnica de país presenta indicadores claves de I + D agropecuarios en una presentación visual muy accesible. La publicación dispone de un análisis más a fondo de algunos de los principales desafíos que el sistema de I+D agropecuario del país…


Brasil: Boletim informativo de indicadores de P&D agropecuário

Esta ficha informativa do país apresenta os principais indicadores de I & D agrária numa apresentação altamente acessível. A publicação também apresenta uma análise mais aprofundada de alguns dos principais desafios que o sistema de I & D agrária est…


Brazil: Agricultural R&D indicators factsheet

This country factsheet presents key agricultural R&D indicators in a highly accessible visual display. The publication also feature a more in-depth analysis of some of the key challenges that the country’s agricultural R&D system is facing, and the…

project paper

Addressing knowledge gaps in rice growing in eastern uganda

Rice is becoming increasingly important for Ugandan farm households, both as a cash crop and staple food. Rice production in Uganda increased from about 110,000 tons in 2000 to about 237,000 tons in 2014 and the share of rice in total consumption also grew…