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Informal trade and the price of import bans: Evidence from Nigeria

This paper studies the impact of trade restrictions and illegal trade on price disparities within Nigeria, where a long list of import prohibitions on various consumer goods have raised the price of the consumption basket. Large-scale illegal trade at the…

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Analyzing trade integration in North African markets: A border effect approach

This paper uses the border effect estimate from a gravity model to analyze the level of market trade integration among Algeria, Egypt, Mauritania, Morocco, and Tunisia from 2005-2012. We analyze total trade as well as trade in agricultural and industrial…

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Determinants of cross-border informal trade: The case of Benin

This paper utilizes a survey on informal cross-border trade in Benin (ECENE), conducted by the National Institute of Statistics in 2011, to study the determinants of informal versus formal trade, concentrating on Benin’s exports and re-exports to neighboring…

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Natural resource curse in Africa: Dutch Disease and institutional explanations

The African continent is endowed with rich natural resources, including minerals and fossil fuels. Production and exports in Africa's resource-rich economies are highly concentrated in natural resource-based products, but these economies show little evidence…

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Artificial Insemination, livestock productivity and economic growth in Senegal

This paper assesses the effects of an artificial insemination program implemented in Senegal’s cow sector from 2008 to 2011. The program aimed to boost cow production in order to increase the sector’s supply of raw milk, processed milk, processed meat, and…

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An exploration of the determinants of bribery in Benin’s transborder trade

Few studies give a systematic account of the bribes paid by smugglers to different groups of state actors. Nonetheless, smuggling is a very pervasive phenomenon in West Africa which could impact state revenues, trade routes, consumption patterns, and wealth in…