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Stop Stunting in South Asia

A Special Issue of Maternal & Child Nutrition- Supplement: Stop Stunting in South Asia. Improving Child Feeding, Women's Nutrition and Household Sanitation Volume 12, Issue Supplement S1, pages 1–259, May 2016

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Climate change and agriculture: Strengthening the role of smallholders [in Chinese]

小农在保障全球食物安全和营养,实现可持续发展和气候变化目标方面可以发挥重要作用。加强小农,尤其是女性和青年小农的适应能力和商业生存能力,可以帮助他们 为实现这些全球目标做出更大的贡献。

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Improving effective use of seasonal forecasts in South Africa

The study showed that El Niño no longer strikes the same fear as it used to, even in the agricultural sector where the negative impacts of the 1997-98 and 1982-83 events are within living memory. The widespread drought associated with the El Niño…