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Measuring the economic impacts of transgenic crops in developing agriculture during the first decade

As progressively more farmers in developing countries begin using biotech crops, careful evaluation of such crops’ benefits becomes ever more important. This food policy review examines the applied economics literature regarding the impact of biotech…


Agrobiodiversity conservation and economic development

1. Agrodiversity for Economic Development: What do we know? Andreas Kontoleon, Unai Pascual and Melinda Smale, Part 1: Policy Perspectives, 2. Managing Agricultural Biodiversity for Sustainable Use: Balancing the Benefits in the Field Leslie Lipper…


Public policy and poverty reduction in the Arab Region

Poverty in the Arab region garners little international attention because poverty rates there are far lower than in other regions like South Asia or Sub-Saharan Africa. However, high aggregate wealth hides significant pockets of hardship. The…


China's agricultural development

Introduction: China's agricultural development: challenges and prospects, Xiao-Yuan Dong, Shunfeng Song and Xiaobo Zhang. Overview of the Challenges and Options: High performing Asian economies: retrospect and prospect, Robert W. Fogel; Several…


Genetic resource policies

Briefs 13- 18 of the Research at a Glance series, “Genetic Resource Policies: What is Diversity Worth to Farmers?”