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Food Security in a World of Natural Resource Scarcity

The role of agricultural technologies

Millions Fed - book cover detail

Millions Fed

Learning from successes in agricultural development is now more urgent than ever. Progress in feeding the world’s billions has slowed, while the challenge of meeting future food needs remains enormous and is subject to new uncertainties in the global…


Hacia una comprensión de los vínculos entre la agricultura y la salud

Por lo general, las iniciativas para elaborar políticas relativas a la agricultura y la salud pública se llevan a cabo de una forma paralela e inconexa, a pesar de que las acciones conjuntas y coherentes en ambos sectores podrían generar grandes…


Understanding the links between agriculture and health

Policymaking initiatives in agriculture and public health are often pursued in a parallel and unconnected fashion. Yet coherent, joint action in agriculture and health could have large potential benefits and substantially reduce risks for the poor.…


Land and schooling

The authors of this book identify the factors affecting land inheritance and schooling across generations in the Philippines, Indonesia, and Ghana—countries with very different social and cultural traditions. Based on household surveys at each site,…


Who will be fed in the 21st century?

Global food production has more than doubled over the past 40 years, growing faster than population, and will likely keep pace in the 21st century. Yet today one-eighth of the world's people lack secure access to the food they need to live active and…