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Regional developments

2016 saw important developments with potentially wide repercussions for food security and nutrition in individual countries and regions. This section offers perspectives on food policy developments across the major regions: Africa, the Middle East and…

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Taking aim: Progress on setting nutrition targets

Through the world health assembly (wha), countries have signed onto global nutrition targets, and as chapter 2 shows, one way to track countries’ progress is to apply these global targets to the national level. Yet targets that countries set for…

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Taking action: Progress and challenges in implementing nutrition policies and programs

To be effective, commitments to action must be implemented and enforced. The implementation of policies and interventions depends on converting political commitment to practical action. How are governments and other stakeholders doing in implementing…

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The global nutrition landscape: Assessing progress

As discussed in chapter 1, setting targets is one manifestation of political commitment. Countries have already made a series of commitments to attain global nutrition targets by 2025 (Panel 2.1). For maternal, infant, and young child nutrition, the…

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Progress against and nature of the 2013 nutrition for growth comments

On june 8, 2013, the governments of the united kingdom and brazil, and the children’s investment fund foundation (ciff) hosted a summit in London titled “Nutrition for Growth: Beating Hunger through Business and Science” (known as N4G). The objective…