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The global economic slowdown: Implications for the rural poor

Many developing countries seem likely to see a substantial downturn in economic growth over the 2015–2030 implementation period of the SDGs, compared with the recent years of strong growth. Since the 2015 WEO, the macroeconomic outlook has…


Global nutrition report 2015: Africa brief

As we move into the post-2015 era of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the world faces many seemingly intractable problems. Malnutrition should not be one of them. The incentives to improve nutrition are strong, and determined countries can…


Innovations in insuring the poor: Index insurance applied to agriculture

Uncertainty and risk are characteristics inherent in agricultural activities, and one of the main sources of risk is weather. Because agriculture depends heavily on rainfall, it is sensitive to weather changes. Agriculture is also vulnerable to…


Successful organizational learning in the management of agricultural research and innovation

To be an effective poverty alleviation instrument, agricultural policies (including research, extension, and innovation) must be based on an evolutionary approach that emphasizes experimentation, learning, and active interactions among diverse…


The Guatemala Community Day Care Program

Women who live in marginalized urban areas are underincreased pressure to work outside the home inincome-generating activities.The scarcity of child care alterna-tives can be a severe constraint to their household’s liveli-hood, food, and nutrition…