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Women's assets and intrahousehold allocation in rural Bangladesh

This paper examines how differences in the bargaining power of husband and wife affect the distribution of consumption expenditures in rural Bangladeshi households. Two alternative measures of assets are used: current assets and the value of assets…


Intrahousehold impact of the transfer of modern agricultural technology

This study explores the intrahousehold impact of transfer of modern agricultural technology from a gender perspective. The data suggest that group-based programs targeting women have a greater potential to address gender relations within the household…


Rice market liberalization and poverty in Viet Nam

Market liberalization, though an important element in economic reforms in developing countries in the past two decades, has been accused of harming the poor through higher food prices, layoffs in formerly state-owned enterprises, and the erosion of…


Pathways of rural development in Madagascar

This paper is based on community-level data from 188 villages in rural Madagascar. The survey that was conducted in 1997 made extensive use of long-term recall questions ascertaining changes during the past 10 years in rice yields, wages, population,…


Recherche agronomique et croissance de la productivité en Inde

Bien que la population de l’Inde ait augmenté de 424 millions d’habitants entre 1963 et 1993, les graves crises alimentaires des premières années 1960 ont fait place à des surplus de nourriture dans les années 1990. Et au cours de ces années l’Inde a…