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Farmers’ preferences for climate-smart agriculture an assessment in the Indo-Gangetic plain

This study was undertaken to assess farmers’ preferences and willingness to pay (WTP) for various climate-smart interventions in the Indo-Gangetic Plain. The research outputs will be helpful in integrating farmers’ choices with government programs in…

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Promises and realities of community-based agricultural extension

In view of the market failures and the state failures inherent in providing agricultural extension, community-based approaches, which involve farmers' groups, have gained increasing importance in recent years as a third way to provide this service.…

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Access, adoption, and diffusion

This paper assesses long-term impacts of vegetable and polyculture fish production technologies on a variety of measures of household and individual well-being in Bangladesh. In 1996-1997, households were surveyed in three sites where nongovernmental…

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Micro-level practices to adapt to climate change for African small-scale farmers

This paper discusses micro-level practices for adapting to climate change that are available to small-scale farmers in Africa. The analysis is based on a review of 17 studies about practices that boost small-scale farmers’ resilience or reduce their…