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Policy implications of a pan-tropic assessment of the simultaneous hydrological and biodiversity impacts of deforestation

Tropical deforestation has many consequences, amongst which alteration of the hydrological cycle and loss of habitat and biodiversity are the focus of much public interest and scientific research. Here we examine the potential biodiversity and…

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An entropy approach to spatial disaggregation of agricultural production

"While agricultural production statistics are reported on a geopolitical – often national – basis we often need to know the status of production or productivity within specific sub-regions, watersheds, or agroecological zones. Such re-aggregations are…

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Changes in nature's balance sheet: model-based estimates of future worldwide ecosystem services

"Four quantitative scenarios are presented that describe changes in worldwide ecosystem services up to 2050–2100. A set of soft-linked global models of human demography, economic development, climate, and biospheric processes are used to quantify…