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Rwanda: Ending hunger and undernutrition: challenges and opportunities

This scoping report was prepared to inform the Compact2025 roundtable discussion by providing an overview of the food security and nutrition challenges and opportunities in Rwanda. It includes the current food security and nutrition policy landscape…


Assessing the adoption of high iron bean varieties and their impact on iron intakes and other livelihood outcomes in Rwanda: Listing exercise report

An impact assessment (IA) study was conducted in Rwanda in 2015 Season B in order to establish the adoption rates of HIB varieties among rural bean producing and to generate useful information on delivery and breeding efforts by analyzing the…


Towards a sustainable soil fertility strategy in Ghana

Most efforts to raise fertilizer use in SSA over the past decade have focused on fertilizer subsidies and targeted credit programmes with hopes that these programmes could later be withdrawn once the profitability of fertilizer use has been made clear…


Consumer acceptance of biofortified iron beans in rural Rwanda: Experimental Evidence

Iron deficiency among children and women of child-bearing age is a public health problem in many developing countries. Iron-biofortified varieties of commonly consumed staple crops have the potential to contribute to the daily iron requirements in…