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Malnutrition and climate patterns in the ASALs of Kenya: A resilience analysis based on a pseudo-panel dataset

This study showed how arid and semi-arid areas of Kenya are particularly affected by undernutrition in women and children. Despite undernutrition improving in the rest of the country, in the ASAL areas the trends appear to be negative, particularly…


Bilan des capacités de R&D agricole nationale en Afrique au sud du Sahara

Ce document vise à contribuer au programme d’action en cours pour le développement de l’Afrique au sud du Sahara. Le rapport 2013 sur l’agriculture et les systèmes alimentaires du Réseau des solutions pour le développement durable des Nations Unies a…


Low emission development strategies for agriculture and other land uses: The case of Colombia

The purpose of the work presented in this report is to demonstrate that policymakers have tools at their disposal that provide significant help in the evaluation of trade-offs, opportunities, and repercussions of the policies under consideration. This…