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2014 Annual report

Nutrients are a building block of life. Yet millions of people suffer from undernutrition and micronutrient malnutrition globally. The scope of impact is staggering: a lack of nourishment can lead to a lifetime of challenges, including stunted…


Consumer acceptance of biofortified iron beans in rural Rwanda: Experimental Evidence

Iron deficiency among children and women of child-bearing age is a public health problem in many developing countries. Iron-biofortified varieties of commonly consumed staple crops have the potential to contribute to the daily iron requirements in…


Information, branding, certification, and consumer willingness to pay for high-iron pearl millet: Evidence from experimental auctions in Maharashtra, India

In this paper we use sensory evaluation methods adopted from food science literature and the Becker-DeGroot-Marschak mechanism adopted from economic valuation literature to estimate consumer demand for biofortified high-iron pearl millet (HIPM) in…


Les biotechnologies agricoles en Afrique: État des lieux

La biotechnologie est utilisée pour lever les contraintes de développement de l'agriculture et a également le potentiel d'apporter un contribution majeure à l'objectif global d'une intensification durable de l'agriculture. Cependant, l'utilisation de…