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More U.S. Cotton Subsidies May Attract Brazil Dispute (POLITICO)

Joe Glauber, senior research fellow in MTID, was quoted in POLITICO in today's " Morning Agriculture " round-up on agriculture and food policy. Wrote POLITICO's Helena Bottemiller Evich: "Brazil is likely to file a case against the U.S. should it decide to…


Changing behaviors for better health and nutrition

Getting the right nutrition in the period between a child’s conception and his or her second birthday−the so-called 1,000 day window−can have profound impacts on the child’s ability to grow, learn, and become a productive member of society. A growing body of…


The Goldilocks dilemma of irrigation

Water management challenges are closely linked to many of the SDGs, especially those relating to poverty reduction, food security, and environmental sustainability. Proper water management is a particularly tricky balancing act to achieve.

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Weak grain exports and low oil price weigh on ADM (Financial Times)

Joseph Glauber, IFPRI senior research fellow, was quoted in a story by the Financial Times about grain exports. According to the article, a strong dollar led to fewer global buyers for corn, wheat, and other crops grown by American farmers. Reporter Gregory…