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Should We Bet the Farm on Ag Robots? (Yahoo! News)

Yahoo! News  republished a feature article from  Take  on the future of agriculture, quoting  IFPRI Senior Researcher David Spielman. The article weighs the implementation of technology in farming, which has proven successful on large farms, but could do…

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Child marriage declines (The Daily Star)

IFPRI's Bangladesh Integrated Household Survey (BIHS) was the main source in a front page article as well as an opinion piece in Bangladesh’s highest circulation English-language daily, The Daily Star. The articles used the survey data to highlight the…

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Taxing red meat may cut emissions and disease (Reuters)

IFPRI Senior Researchers Keith Wiebe and Sherman Robinson, and IFPRI Scientist Daniel Mason-D’Croz authored an op-ed arguing that a carbon tax could significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and save lives by promoting better nutrition. They used IFPRI’s…