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Climate change and agricultural policy options: A global-to-local approach

Climate change is a significant and growing threat to food security—already affecting vulnerable populations in many developing countries, and expected to affect ever more people in more places, unless action is taken beginning today. Current…


Insuring Countries Against Natural Disasters: Pool rules

The African Risk Capacity (ARC) pool is a proposed pan-Africa drought risk pool that would insure against drought risk in Africa south of the Sahara. Donors and, to at least a notional extent, member countries would pay annual premiums. In return, if,…


Ensuring Food and Nutrition Security in a Green Economy

As the population continues to grow and natural resources become scarcer, the need to shift toward an environmentally responsible, socially accountable, more equitable, and “greener” economy has become increasingly apparent. Despite differing…

Soil. Ghana.

Improving regional fertilizer markets in West Africa

In 2000, the member states of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) signaled their commitment to the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goal of halving hunger and poverty by 2015 (MDG1). To achieve that goal, agriculture in the…


Grandes transactions foncières et spécificités de genre

Qu’elles soient considérées comme « accaparements de terre » ou comme investissements agricoles pour le développement, les grandes transactions foncières, réalisées par les investisseurs dans les pays en développement, font l’objet de beaucoup…


Urgent actions needed to prevent recurring food crises

Recent trends in food prices—higher levels and higher volatility—mirror trends predicted by a number of experts. Given the complex web of factors influencing global food security, governments of developed and developing countries, as well as…


As Implicações dos Negócios de Terras em Grande Escala no Género

Quer sejam vistos como “desapropriação de terras” ou como investimentos agrícolas para o desenvolvimento, os negócios de terras em grande escala efectuados por investidores em países em desenvolvimento estão a gerar uma atenção considerável. No…