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Promoting insect-based ecosystem services to smallholders

What is the challenge? The maintenance of undisturbed or natural vegetation in agricultural landscapes provides habitat for beneficial insects, promoting pollination and pest control services that are collectively referred to as mobile agent-based…


Picture-Based Crop Insurance (PBI)

The Picture-Based Insurance project provides a new, innovative way of delivering affordable and easy-to-understand crop insurance. By using visible crop characteristics derived from farmers’ own smartphone pictures, the project aims to minimize the…


Scientific and Technical Partnerships in Africa

Cultivating Science in Agriculture through Partnerships The Scientific and Technical Partnerships in Africa program was designed to develop and enhance stronger integration between partnerships, research and analysis in support of the Comprehensive…


Southern Africa‘s hydro-economy and water security (SAHEWS)

What is the challenge? Water security in southern Africa encapsulates global pressures on water: rapid population growth, chronic and drought-induced episodic food shortage, growing water scarcity and energy security problems coincident with rising…


Women Improving Nutrition through Group-based Strategies (WINGS)

Women Improving Nutrition through Group-based Strategies (WINGS) is a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation-funded umbrella project in India to be carried out in 2015-2019. WINGS aims to build the evidence base on the pathways through which Self Help Groups…