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Food policy reforms in Central Asia

Since the break-up of the Soviet Union, the countries of the Central Asia region have undertaken varying levels of policy reforms in their food, agricultural, and natural resources sectors. Despite these reforms, available evidence indicates that…


Care and nutrition

Care is the provision in the household and the community of time, attention and support to meet the physical, mental, and social needs of the growing child and other household members. The significance of care has been best articulated in the UNICEF…


Feeding the world, preventing poverty, and protecting the earth

""This booklet presents eleven stories to show how the broad and often abstract concepts of hunger, poverty, and environmental damage are tragically real when applied to the lives of individuals. It then proposes solutions for improving the lives of…


Population and food in the early twenty-first century

The product of a conference leading up to the 2020 Vision initiative, Population and Food in the Early Twenty-First Century offers technical background information on the issues of food and hunger in the coming decades. Here food, agriculture, and…


Employment for poverty reduction and food security

""Rapid expansion of employment in low-income countries is one of the biggest challenges of development. The growth in labor supply in developing countries will remain large for a long time to come. Incomes of the poor in rural areas will depend more…