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Economic empowerment in South African agriculture

One of the most important challenges facing the South African agriculture sector is the empowerment of previously disadvantaged people. The process of enabling black South Africans to become farmers in their own right will require some well-designed…

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A 2020 vision for food, agriculture, and the environment in southern Africa

Following considerable political, social, institutional, and economic transformation­s, particularly in the last 5 to 10 years, Southern Africa today, more than ever before, has the potential assure a better and more secure world for its people now…

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The role of smallholder income generation from agriculture in sub-saharan Africa

What insights for Southern Africa can be gained from studying the income-generating decisions of small farmers both there and in the rest of Sub-Saharan Africa? Much research has been conducted over the past three decades on how and why African…

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Economic structure, trade, and regional integration in southern Africa

After decades of political, economic, and social turmoil, the countries of Southern Africa are entering a new economic and political future. Minority rule in South Africa ended with the first democratic elections in April 1994, and other countries in…

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Rural infrstructure and regional development in southern Africa

Food security refers primarily to the availability of and access to food at the individual, household, village, regional, national, and even global level. It thus encompasses critical aspects of production, consumption, distribution, and trade of food…