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How can African agriculture adapt to climate change: Economywide impacts of climate change on agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa

Approximately 80 percent of poor people in Sub-Saharan Africa continue to depend on the agricultural sector for their livelihoods, but-unlike in other regions of the world-agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa is characterized by very low yields due to…


How can African agriculture adapt to climate change: Mapping the South African farming sector’s vulnerability to climate change and variability

In southern Africa, by the middle of the 21st century climate change is expected to cause temperature increases of 1–3°C, broad summer rainfall reductions of 5–10 percent, and an increase in the incidence of both droughts and floods. Consequently,…


How can African agriculture adapt to climate change: Are soil and water conservation technologies a buffer against production risk in the face of climate change?

The agricultural sector in developing countries is particularly vulnerable to the adverse impacts of climate change. Given Ethiopia's dependence on agriculture and natural resources, any adverse agricultural effects will pose serious risks to economic…


Marketing and trade policies for genetically modified products

This brief analyzes the past successes and recent challenges of South Africa’s trade and marketing policies on genetically modified (GM) products, with the aim of drawing lessons for countries that are designing their biosafety systems.


How can African agriculture adapt to climate change: Global carbon markets

Human activities such as fossil fuel burning and deforestation have significantly increased the atmospheric concentration of greenhouse gases (GHG) leading to global climate change. Global climate change and its associated weather extremes pose…


The supermarket revolution in developing countries

"A “supermarket revolution” has been underway in developing countries since the early 1990s. Supermarkets (here referring to all modern retail, which includes chain stores of various formats such as supermarkets, hypermarkets, and convenience and…