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The potential of agroecology to combat hunger in the developing world

In this policy brief we argue that the agroecological approach to food production offers more hope of combating hunger in a sustainable fashion than does the more conventional "green revolution" strategy. While agroecological technology is suitable…


Technical opportunities for sustaining wheat productivity growth toward 2020

The Green Revolution has had a tremendous positive effect on food security in the developing world. Increased use of modern varieties of wheat has helped belie the conventional wisdom of the 1970s that the world was going to run out of food. But IFPRI…


Individualization of land rights and gender-differentiated inheritance in matrilineal Sumatra

This paper examines the equity implications of the evolution of land rights from communal land tenure to individualization in customary land areas in Western Sumatra. This brief sets forth policy implications: Preference for sons in the inheritance of…


Land tenure and farm management efficiency

This study attempts to identify the impacts of land tenure institutions on the efficiency of farm management based on a case study of paddy rice and upland cinnamon production in the Kerinci Valley in West Sumatra, where most of Indonesia’s cinnamon…