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Inversión en nutrición durante la primera infancia

Por mucho tiempo se ha sabido que una buena nutrición es esencial para el desarrollo físico y cognoscitivo de los niños, pero las evidencias recientes arrojan nueva luz sobre el momento óptimo de las intervenciones para mejorar la nutrición infantil y…


Nicaragua: Red de Protección Social — Mi Familia

En sus primeros dos años (2000-02), el programa de la Red de Protección Social-Ministerio de la Familia (RPS) ayudó a mejorar la nutrición y educación de aproximadamente unas 10.000 familias de las más pobres del país. En su etapa piloto realizada en…


Vida urbana

Data from many countries show that the concentration of poverty and malnutrition is shifting from rural to urban areas. Although many rural people move to the cities seeking to improve their well-being, they often remain mired in poverty and squalor.…


La banca para los pobres

This policy brief is designed to help policymakers and practitioners understand the financial services needed by the poor. It is based on a five-year IFPRI research program that examined, among other issues, the roles government should play in…



IFPRI is collaborating with CARE-Bangladesh to provide research and support for its SHAHAR project for improving urban livelihoods. This Country Report addresses the research focus, under Project Leader, James Garrett, and the key findings and the…



For many of the world’s poor, public safety-net programs are the only hope for a life free from chronic poverty and undernutrition. But the proper combination of incentives and support can be difficult to achieve. The International Food Policy…