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Agricultural Transformation and Market Integration (ATMI) in ASEAN countries: Responding to food security and inclusiveness concerns

The ATMI program targets five ASEAN member states— Cambodia, Laos PDR, Myanmar, Philippines, and Viet Nam with the following objectives: To strengthen target ASEAN member states’ capacity to develop policies and programs that help the smallholder farm…


A4NH flagship 1: Food systems for healthier diets

Governments, businesses, and civil society groups increasingly realize the important need of supporting food systems to produce and supply diverse, nutritious, and safe foods for healthy lives. Flagship 1 responds to concerns about global diet trends…


Highlights of IFPRI’s recent food policy research for the Asian Development Bank

In the wake of the food crises of the early 1970s and the resulting World Food Conference of 1974, a group of innovators realized that food security depends not only on crop production, but also on the policies that affect food systems from farm to…