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A4NH flagship 2: Biofortification

Micronutrient deficiency affects approximately 2 billion people globally and is caused by poor-quality diets resulting in low intakes of key micronutrients. Children who are micronutrient deficient in early childhood are at a much higher risk of…


Central America and the Caribbean food security portal

The Central America and the Caribbean (CAC) Food Security Portal presents current information about agriculture, food security, and nutrition in the region and about dynamic developments in the region’s food system. It is facilitated by the…


América Central y el Caribe el Portal de Seguridad Alimentaria

El Portal de Seguridad Alimentaria para América Central y el Caribe (CAC) presenta información actual sobre agricultura, seguridad alimentaria y nutrición en América Central y el Caribe, describe los últimos avances en los sistemas alimentarios de la…

detail from cover image of IFPRI Strategy document

IFPRI Strategy 2013–2018

Food Policy Research in a Time of Unprecedented Challenges The global food policy landscape is rapidly changing. Food prices are increasingly volatile. Rising incomes, urbanization, and changing dietary preferences are transforming food supply chains.…


IFPRI's Strategy for Latin America and the Caribbean

The Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) region is host to some of the most difficult environments in the world, either because of altitude, climate, or topography, or because of huge inequalities in the distribution of land (the bottom 60 percent of…