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Environment and production technology

Agriculture is vitally important to poor and vulnerable people in developing countries, the majority of whom live in rural areas and depend on the land as a source of both food and income. Unpredictable weather, unstable markets, fragile natural…


A4NH flagship 5: Improving human health

Agriculture enhances access to food and improves livelihoods, but in some cases, may also be linked with increased risks of disease transmission. Historically, CGIAR research has explored agriculture and health interactions related to irrigation and…


Highlights of IFPRI's partnerships and impacts in China 2015 [in Chinese]



Atlas of african agriculture research and development [Preview]

This preview of the Atlas of African Agriculture Research and Development is an introduction to a multidimensional resource that will highlight the ubiquitous role and importance of smallholder agriculture in Africa; the multitude of factors shaping…


Ghana's transformation

The first decade of the new millennium brought significant positive change to Ghana. Hunger was cut in half and Ghanaians exercised increasing democratic freedom, making the country one of the most improved and politically stable in Africa. John…