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Open data infrastructure for resilience analysis: Implementation, examples and case studies in Kenya

This report serves as documentation for the construction, operation and utility of the Horn of Africa Data Catalog (accessible online at, which was developed to serve as a platform to provide indicators identified…


Maintaining resilience in the ASALs of Kenya: A perspective on stocking rates in extensive livestock systems

In this analysis, we make use of household level data to illustrate some very basic characteristics of pastoral livestock keepers, so that we can represent their behavior and adjustment to environmental shocks. This approach enables us to highlight…


Malnutrition and climate patterns in the ASALs of Kenya: A resilience analysis based on a pseudo-panel dataset

This study showed how arid and semi-arid areas of Kenya are particularly affected by undernutrition in women and children. Despite undernutrition improving in the rest of the country, in the ASAL areas the trends appear to be negative, particularly…