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A4NH 2016 annual report

In its 5th year of Phase I, A4NH has validated its core areas of research, taking many to scale while also broadening its Phase II portfolio


Africa RISING Baseline Evaluation Survey (ARBES) report for Tanzania

This report presents overall summaries and cross-tabulations, and empirical means-difference tests across household type, location, wealth, and gender of head, for data that cover 810 households in Africa RISING areas in northern and north-central…


Market opportunities for African agriculture

This report focuses on demand-side constraints on agricultural growth and their implications for three broad alternative agricultural development strategies: promoting traditional exports, developing nontraditional exports, and increasing food staple…


Structural adjustment and intersectoral shifts in Tanzania

Since 1986, Tanzania, like many other countries, has experienced a remarkable political and economic transition. Formerly a one-party state with a planned economy, the country is now multiparty democracy with a market-oriented economy and has…


IFPRI research and training activities in Eastern Africa

In 1998 IFPRI and its collaborators in Africa established two regional research networks, one for East Africa and one for West Africa. Unlike most research-based entities, these networks include not only researchers, but policymakers and leaders from…