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Open data infrastructure for resilience analysis: Implementation, examples and case studies in Kenya

This report serves as documentation for the construction, operation and utility of the Horn of Africa Data Catalog (accessible online at, which was developed to serve as a platform to provide indicators identified…


Safety nets in Bangladesh: Which form of transfer is most beneficial?

The overall objective of the Transfer Modality Research Initiative (TMRI) is to provide evidence that can be used to streamline the social safety net system in Bangladesh, with the goal of improving the food and nutrition security and livelihoods of…


Pueblos indígenas & programas de transferencias condicionadas

En este volumen se resumen los hallazgos del informe de investigación titulado Enhancing the Effectiveness of Conditional Cash Transfer Programs for Indigenous Peoples. An Ethnographic Assessment of Programa Juntos (Perú). El estudio fue realizado por…