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Hidden hunger: Approaches to tackling micronutrient deficiencies

AROUND THE WORLD, more than 2 billion people are thought to be affected by an often invisible form of malnutrition: micronutrient malnutrition, commonly known as hidden hunger.1 Vitamin and mineral deficiencies—at least in mild to moderate forms—may…

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Guidance on gender practice and policy

Publications: Theis, Sophie; and Meinzen-Dick, Ruth. 2016. Reach, benefit, or empower: Clarifying gender strategies of development projects. Meinzen…

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Highlights from IFPRI gender research

Agriculture Nutrition and health Decision making within the household Shocks and resilience Markets and value chains Land rights and other assets  Violence Women's empowerment Agriculture Quisumbing, A., R. Meinzen-Dick, T. Raney, A. Croppenstedt, J.…

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Tools to close the gender gap

Methodology papers Research instruments Sex-disaggregated datasets Methodology Papers: Bryan, Elizabeth; Kovarik, Chiara; Passarelli, Simone; Sproule, Katie. 2015. Research guide for gender-disaggregated analysis of climate change impacts and adaptation.…


IUNs 21st International Congress of Nutrition (ICN)

  IFPRI is participating extensively in the 21st edition of the IUNS-ICN International Congress of Nutrition on October 15-20th in Buenos Aires, Argentina with the theme, “From Sciences to Nutrition Security”. Aiming to encourage the exchange of…