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Le Niger est un pays enclavé de l’Afrique de l’Ouest situé entre 11 ° 37´ et 23 ° 23´ latitude nord et entre 00 ° 10´ et 16 ° 00´ longitude est, avec une superficie de 1 267 000 kilomètres carrés. Le Niger partage des frontières avec l’Algérie et la…

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Empowerment, adaptation, and agricultural production evidence from Niger

Located at the heart of West Africa, Niger is a landlocked country with three-quarters of its territory covered by the Sahara Desert. Niger’s climate is mostly arid, and it is one of the least developed countries in the world. The vast majority of its…


Niger: Agricultural R&D indicators factsheet

This country factsheet presents key agricultural R&D indicators in a highly accessible visual display. The publication also feature a more in-depth analysis of some of the key challenges that the country’s agricultural R&D system is facing, and the…

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The returns to empowerment in diversified rural household: Evidence from Niger

Niger is a landlocked Sahelian country, two-thirds of which is in the Sahara Desert. Although only one-eighth of the land considered arable, the overwhelming majority of Niger’s households is involved in rain-fed agriculture largely for subsistence.…