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Africa News Tonight (Voice of America)

Africa News Tonight, a daily news radio program of Voice of America, interviewed IFPRI research fellow Mateusz Filipski for World Refugee Day. Dr. Filipski spoke about his research on the benefits of hosting refugees in Rwanda and Uganda. Refugees are…

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Study: Refugees can boost host economies

Refugees in Rwandan camps increased the annual real income in the local economy by over $200 June 24, 2016, Washington, DC— Refugees can have a positive effect on local economies, according to a study published this week. Using data from two refugee…

Press Release

Policymakers to Meet in Kigali on Getting Nutritious Foods to People

Washington D.C., March 27, 2014. On March 31, more than 275 high-level stakeholders from government, business and civil society will converge in Kigali, Rwanda, for a three-day consultation on ‘Getting Nutritious Foods to People.’ Nearly one in three…