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Gender, labor, and prime-age adult mortality

This paper assesses the impact of prime-age mortality on human capital formation and labor markets by examining, first, the impact on adolescents, who may leave school in order to enter the labor market, and second, the impact on adult females who,…

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Poverty comparisons with absolute poverty lines estimated from survey data

The objective of measuring poverty is usually to make comparisons over time or between two or more groups. Common statistical inference methods are used to determine whether an apparent difference in measured poverty is statistically significant.…

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Gender, labor, and prime-age adult mortality

"This paper examines the impact of prime-age adult mortality on the transition from school to the labor market of adolescents and on decisions by female adults to participate in the labor force in South Africa. The analysis focuses on that…

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HIV/AIDS, land-based livelihoods, and land reform in South Africa

This study is an effort to understand the relationship between HIV/AIDS and land reform in South Africa. It is conceptualised as a longitudinal study covering three years. The study is presently concluding its first year, which has focused on 10 sites…

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Orphans and discrimination in Mozambique

"The present study employs Deaton’s outlay equivalence approach to analyze potential discrimination in resource allocation within households against children who are not the biological descendant of the household head in Mozambique. High HIV…