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Press Release

From Transition to Transformation: Food Security in Central Asia

April 7, 2014, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan— A conference organized by the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) and the University of Central Asia (UCA) to be held from April 8-9 will explore how Central Asian countries can best meet the needs…

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Regional developments [in Chinese]

2016年,食物领域出现的重要进展可能对各个国家和地区的食物安全与营养状 况产生深远影响。本报告将研究非洲、中东、北非、中亚、南亚、东亚、拉美和加勒 比海等主要地区在粮食政策方面的进展、城市化趋势,以及这些趋势对食物安全 与营养状况的影响。以下章节将探究不同地区的情况,包括: ■■ 非洲地区合作与投资增长,如何在气候变化和商品价格走低的情况下加强食 物安全 ■■ 中东北非地区持续的冲突、某些国家的政策改革需求以及较低的油价 ■■ 中亚如何推广农业多样性,加强区域一体化,增强经济恢复力 ■■…

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2017 Global food policy report: Regional developments: Central Asia [in Russian]

Тем не менее, учитывая существующие институциональные и структурные ограничения и их влияние на производительность труда и инвестиции, страны Центральной Азии останутся уязвимыми перед лицом внешних потрясений25. Еще одно падение цен на сырьевые…


2016 Annual report

IFPRI continued to pursue cutting-edge research that informs pro-poor policies, programs, and interventions around the world. 

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Regional developments

2016 saw important developments with potentially wide repercussions for food security and nutrition in individual countries and regions. This section offers perspectives on food policy developments across the major regions: Africa, the Middle East and…

discussion paper

Market integration and price transmission in Tajikistan’s wheat markets: Rising like rockets but falling like feathers?

The extent of market integration and transmission of food price shocks is a major determinant of price stability and overall food security, particularly in developing countries. Few studies have examined these issues for countries in Central Asia,…


Tajikistan spatial: A national development and food security atlas [in English and Tajik]

АТЛАСИ РУШДИ ИҚТИСОДӢ ВА АМНИЯТИ ОЗУҚАВОРИИ ТОҶИКИСТОН, ба шахсони қарор қабулкунанда, муҳаққиқони иттилоот, ки барои таҳияи сиёсат ва стратегияҳои давлатӣ дар асоси далелҳои асоснок, барои баланд бардоштани маҳсулнокӣ, паст кардани сатҳи камбизоатӣ…