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Setting priorities for policy research for development in Egypt

The following story was originally published on the Egypt Strategy Support Program website. Egypt’s food markets are full of fresh fruits and vegetables, and the local souks feature skillfully crafted furniture, scarves, and jewelry. These products…

project paper

A disaggregated social accounting matrix: 2010/11 for policy analysis in Egypt

The Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS) is pleased to present a disaggregated version of the Egypt SAM for 2010/11. This new SAM builds on the previous SAM 2010/11 built and published by CAPMAS with the support of the…

project paper

Prioritizing development policy research in Egypt: An innovative approach to inform IFPRI’s Egypt Strategy Support Program

This paper presents an innovative approach to prioritizing development policy research in Egypt with the specific objective of informing the research agenda of the Egypt Strategy Support Program of the International Food Policy Research Institute. The…