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Collective action: the poverty-reducing power of groups

It all comes down to power. That’s one major point from a new IFPRI issue brief that contends that collective action—when a group decides to act together to form a voluntary institution—and property rights have a strong and beneficial impact on a…


Collective Action and Property Rights Sourcebook Now in Spanish

A Spanish-language version of the popular CGIAR Program on Collective Action and Property Rights (CAPRi) sourcebook is now available. The sourcebook,  Recursos, derechos y cooperación Manual de herramientas de referencia sobre derechos de propiedad y…


Gender Equality and Development

This year's  World Development Report  on “Gender Equality and Development,” released on September 19 by the World Bank, argues that gender equality is a core development objective in its own right; it is also smart economics. Greater gender equality…


Strength in numbers

Poor people are often at great risk of losing the few assets they have when faced with an unexpected event, such as the death of a household member. But for the members of the Kalagala Twezimbe Association, located outside Kampala, Uganda, working…