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project paper

Resource conflict, collective action, and resilience: An analytical framework

In developing countries where access to and use of renewable natural resources essential to rural livelihoods are highly contested, improving cooperation in their management is increasingly seen as an important element in strategies for peacebuilding,…

project paper

Common-pool resources-a challenge for local governance

We use field experiments to study underlying strategic actions Cambodian and Vietnamese natural resource users take in regard to voluntary contribution to a public good and appropriation of common-pool resources. Two experimental games were…


Resources, rights, and cooperation

A sourcebook on property rights and collective action for sustainable development

working paper

Property rights for poverty reduction?

This paper reviews the links between property rights and poverty reduction. Poor people not only lack current income, but also assets with which to generate incomes. Billions of poor people have access to land which may not be legally recognized.…

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Underground assets