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2012 Global Hunger Index

BCP 2013 Gold Award for Global Hunger Index 2012 The 2012 GHI report focuses particularly on the issue of how to ensure sustainable food security under conditions of water, land, and energy stress. Demographic changes, rising incomes and associated…

discussion paper

Analyzing intersectoral convergence to improve child undernutrition in India

India’s record of undernutrition presents a stubborn challenge. Given the multiple determinants of child undernutrition, effective action to tackle this problem in India and globally requires a range of inputs across various sectors. Delivering…


2012 Índice global del hambre

El informe del GHI de 2012 se centra particularmente en el problema de cómo garantizar la seguridad alimentaria sostenible en situaciones de escasez de agua, tierras y energía. Los recursos naturales están sujetos a serias presiones a causa de los…


Welthunger-Index 2012 nach Schweregrad


2012 Global hunger index by severity


2012 Global hunger index

The 2012 Global Hunger Index (GHI) report—the seventh in an annual series—presents a multidimensional measure of global, regional, and national hunger. It shows that progress in reducing the proportion of hungry people in the world has been tragically…


2012 Indice de la faim dans le monde

Le GHI 2012 s’intéresse tout particulièrement à la manière de garantir la sécurité alimentaire de manière durable dans des situations de stress hydrique, pénurie énergétique et rareté des terres. Les changements démographiques, l’accroissement des…