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Food Prices

Coherent action is needed to help vulnerable populations cope with the hikes in their food bills, to assist farmers in developing countries respond to the opportunity posed by rising demand for their products, and to provide information for…

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Gender, control, and crop choice in northern Mozambique

This paper studies women’s empowerment in northern Mozambique as it relates to agriculture, considering in particular the factors that lead to women’s managing the plots that they nominally control. Women control about 30 percent of the plots in the…

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Employment risk and job-seeker performance

This paper examines the relationship between employment risk and job-seeker performance. To induce exogenous variation in employment risk, the outside options for job seekers undergoing a real recruitment process were randomized by assigning them a 0,…

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Population Pressure and Livelihood Dynamics: Panel Evidence from Bangladesh

Since the publication of the World Development Report 2008, two related strands of research have emerged-one on the validity of smallholder-led development strategy and the other on agricultural intensification under population pressure. The former…


Agricultural trade and food security

Summary report for the E15 Expert Group on Agriculture and Food Security. This paper is an input to the work of the “Expert Group on Agriculture, Trade and Food Security Challenges” as part of the E-15 Initiative of the International Center for Trade…