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The role of Nigerian agriculture in West African food security

The main objective of this study is to examine the role of Nigerian agriculture in West African food security. The study discusses the implications of Nigeria’s agricultural production, the potentials for Nigerian export of agricultural products to…


An assessment of fertilizer quality regulation in Nigeria

Though currently absent, the importance of access to affordable, timely, and good quality fertilizer for increased agricultural productivity and food security in Nigeria is clear. Consequently, this study examines fertilizer quality regulation in…


Knowledge review on poverty and rural development in Nigeria

The Nigerian situation presents a paradox because the country is rich but the people are poor, with the poverty experienced by Nigerians being pervasive, multifaceted and chronic, affecting the lives of a large proportion of the populace. On the…


Trends and drivers of agricultural productivity in Nigeria

Agriculture is the economic mainstay of the majority of households in Nigeria (Udoh, 2000) and is a significant sector in Nigeria’s economy (Amaza, 2000). The important benefits of the agricultural sector to Nigeria’s economy include: the provision of…