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The Impact of Natural Disasters on Migration in Bangladesh

Recent research indicates that climate change-related natural disasters will cause an increase in human migration and displacement. A  paper published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences seeks to further investigate this issue in…

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Food security


Renegotiating the food aid convention

""The current global agreement governing food aid—the Food Aid Convention (FAC)—will expire in 2007. It has come under heavy criticism as has the diffuse set of broader food aid governance institutions that has emerged in the last 50 years. These…

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Mortality, mobility, and schooling outcomes among orphans

"A tremendous increase in the number of orphans associated with a sharp rise in prime-age adult mortality due to AIDS has become a serious problem in Sub-Saharan Africa. In fact, more than 30 percent of school-aged children have lost at least one…


Food aid

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Conflict, food insecurity and globalization

We explore how globalization, broadly conceived to include international humanrights norms, humanitarianism, and alternative trade, might influence peaceful and foodsecure outlooks and outcomes. The paper draws on our previous work on conflict as a…

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Is there persistence in the impact of emergency food aid?

The primary goal of emergency food aid after an economic shock is often to bolster short-term food and nutrition security. However, these transfers also act as insurance against other shock effects, such as destruction of assets and changes in…