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Claudia Ringler

Deputy Director of Environment and Production Technology Division

discussion paper

Hydro-economic modeling of climate change impacts in Ethiopia

Ethiopia is susceptible to frequent climate extremes such as disastrous droughts and floods. These disastrous climatic events, which have caused significant adverse effects on the country's economy and society, are expected to become more pronounced…

project paper

Access to and governance of rural services

This study investigated access to agricultural extension and rural water supply and assessed strategies to improve the provision of these services by strengthening accountability. The study paid special attention to the gender dimension of service…

discussion paper

Analyzing the determinants of farmers' choice of adaptation methods and perceptions of climate change in the Nile Basin of Ethiopia

This study identifies the major methods used by farmers to adapt to climate change in the Nile Basin of Ethiopia, the factors that affect their choice of method, and the barriers to adaptation. The methods identified include use of different crop…

discussion paper

Integrated management of the Blue Nile Basin in Ethiopia

Ethiopia is at a critical crossroads with a large and increasing population, a depressed national economy, insufficient agricultural production, and a low number of developed energy sources. The upper Blue Nile basin harbors considerable untapped…


Energy use in agriculture

Irrigation, mechanization or fertilizer?—tradeoffs and food security implications What is the challenge? Agricultural intensification through the use of high-yielding crop varieties, fertilizers, irrigation, and other agricultural chemicals (f. ex.…