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Poultry value chains and HPAI in Indonesia: The case of Bogor

Poultry is an important source of income and protein for poor households in Indonesia. In a normal year, the production of poultry meat in Indonesia is approximately 1.285 million tons per annum, representing around 62% of total domestic meat…

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Value chain analysis of the Kenyan poultry industry: The case of Kiambu, Kilifi, Vihiga, and Nakuru Districts

The Kenyan poultry industry is characterized by dualism, comprised of both smallholder and large-scale poultry producers. The industry is characterized by two main production systems namely (i) the commercial hybrid poultry production system and (ii)…

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Alignment of poultry sector actors with avian influenza control in Ethiopia

The outbreak and spread of Asian-lineage highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) from Asia to Europe and Africa in 2003-2007 challenged national disease surveillance and response programs particularly in those countries where infection occurred.…