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Snapshots of hunger in the developing world 2015 Global Hunger Index (GHI)

Snapshots of hunger in the developing world 2015 Global Hunger Index (GHI)

The Global Hunger Index (GHI) is a tool designed to comprehensively measure and track hunger globally, regionally, and by country.1 Each year, the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) calculates GHI scores in order to assess progress,…


Synopses: Welthunger-Index 2015: Hunger und bewaffnete Konflikte

Der Welthunger-Index (WHI) 2015 ist der zehnte in einer Reihe jährlicher Berichte, in denen die Hungersituation weltweit, nach Regionen und auf Länderebene mithilfe eines multidimensionalen Ansatzs dargestellt wird. Er zeigt, dass weltweit seit dem…


Synthèse: 2015 Indice de la faim dans le monde: Conflict armés et le défi de la faim

L’Indice de la faim dans le monde 2015 (GHI) – le dixième d’une parution annuelle – propose une mesure multidimensionnelle de la faim au niveau national, régional et mondial. Il démontre que le monde a progressé en matière de réduction de la faim…


Estratto: 2015 Indice globale della fame: I conflitti armati e la sfida della fame

L’Indice Globale della Fame 2015 (Global Hunger Index, abbreviato in GHI) – al suo decimo anno – presenta una misurazione multidimensionale della fame a livello nazionale, regionale e mondiale. Indica che sono stati compiuti dei progressi riducendo la…


Ethiopian Rural Household Surveys (ERHS), 1989-2009

The Ethiopia Rural Household Survey (ERHS) is a unique longitudinal household data set covering households in a number of villages in rural Ethiopia. Data collection started in 1989, when a team visited 6 farming villages in Central and Southern…


The challenge of hunger

"With high food prices threatening the food security of millions of vulnerable households around the world, hunger and malnutrition are back in the headlines. The world is making only slow progress in reducing food insecurity, according to the Global…