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Hidden hunger: Approaches to tackling micronutrient deficiencies

AROUND THE WORLD, more than 2 billion people are thought to be affected by an often invisible form of malnutrition: micronutrient malnutrition, commonly known as hidden hunger.1 Vitamin and mineral deficiencies—at least in mild to moderate forms—may…

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Guidance on gender practice and policy

Publications: Theis, Sophie; and Meinzen-Dick, Ruth. 2016. Reach, benefit, or empower: Clarifying gender strategies of development projects. Meinzen…

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Tools to close the gender gap

Methodology papers Research instruments Sex-disaggregated datasets Methodology Papers: Bryan, Elizabeth; Kovarik, Chiara; Passarelli, Simone; Sproule, Katie. 2015. Research guide for gender-disaggregated analysis of climate change impacts and adaptation.…