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Guest post

Towards next generation food policy research

The following story by IFPRI Board Member Simon Maxwell was originally published on his personal blog. We were asked at the 40 th anniversary conference of the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) to think about the challenges for food…

Guest post

The four things you need to know about women’s land rights

At USAID, we know that addressing gender issues is essential in our work to end extreme poverty and create resilient, democratic societies. Period. Women are key drivers of economic growth and must gain access to and control of capital, land, markets,…

Guest post

Perspectives on 2015 Global Nutrition Report

The 2015 Global Nutrition Report, released in New York on 23 September, shows that childhood stunting and wasting remain serious problems: More than 160 million children worldwide under five years old are too short for their age (stunted), while more…

Guest post

The SDGs: A call to action to leave no one behind

The following guest blog was authored by Nabeeha Mujeeb Kazi, President and CEO at Humanitas Global, and Chair of the Community for Zero Hunger. On September 2, 2015, Kazi served as lead moderator at an IFPRI Policy Seminar on " The road to New York:…