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Rural economic spillovers from fish farming and agriculture in the Ayeyarwady delta

This study reveals that aquaculture is more profitable for fish farmers than crop farming, and generates large income spillovers for the local economy, thus presenting important opportunities for rural growth. Furthermore, small-scale fish farms,…


Agricultural land in Myanmar’s dry zone

In this research highlight, we present analysis of agricultural land use, distribution, access, tenure, land markets, and historical patterns of ownership and disposal. Findings are derived from a representative survey of 1578 rural households in…


Agricultural market reforms and technology adoption in Senegal

Many smallholder farmers in sub-Saharan Africa do not use basic agricultural technologies to improve crop quality. In the Senegal River Valley, researchers tested whether receiving advance information on a market reform—introducing quality labels for…


Agricultural transformation in Sri Lanka:policy implications and way forward

Sri Lanka continues to experience strong economic growth over the recent years. In the food and agriculture sector, however, there are several conspicuous policy changes that require attentive analysis. Also, since 2008, agriculture growth slowed down…