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Agricultural transformation in Sri Lanka:policy implications and way forward

Sri Lanka continues to experience strong economic growth over the recent years. In the food and agriculture sector, however, there are several conspicuous policy changes that require attentive analysis. Also, since 2008, agriculture growth slowed down…


Credit access and utilization in agriculture and aquaculture in the Ayeyarwady delta

Myanmar has one of the least developed financial systemsin the world and poor access to credit is widely believed tobe a major constraint to investment and productivityimprovements in agriculture. This brief presents analysis ofdata from the Myanmar…


The Myanmar aquaculture-agriculture survey 2016

This research highlight is the first in a series of publications designed to summarize and rapidly disseminate key research findings generated by the Food Security Policy Project (FSP) in Myanmar1. FSP aims to promote inclusive agricultural growth by…


Rural-urban migration around Yangon city, Myanmar

Rural-urban migration has increased dramatically since 2010 in the area around Myanmar’s largest commercial center, Yangon, where it represents a far more important migration flow than international migration.


Supply side evidence of Myanmar’s growing agricultural mechanization market

Recent evidence suggests that the mechanization of agriculture is proceeding rapidly in areas of Myanmar close to the country’s major city, Yangon, as farmers- driven by the need to remain profitable in the face of labor shortages and rising wage…


Off-farm employment and the transforming rural non-farm economy around Yangon

This brief focuses on the characteristics of off-farm employment in agriculture and aquaculture clusters, and on gendered differences in employment opportunities and wage rates. It also presents evidence of transformation in the rural non-farm economy…