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A 1997 Social Accounting Matrix for Colombia

The 1997 Social Acounting Matrix (SAM) for Colombia has an activities-commodities structure, characterized by 60 sectors and commodities; ten households; seven types of labor factors; 26 types of taxes and subsidies on production, 22 tax ranges and…


A 1995 Social Accounting Matrix (SAM) For Zambia

This dataset is a 1995 social accounting matrix (SAM) for Zambia. Data sources include national accounts data, government budgets, balance of payments statistics, trade data, household surveys, and farm budgets. This SAM comprises 28 activities, 27…


Malawi Complementary Panel Survey (CPS) 2000-2002

The Complementary Panel Survey (CPS) is a continuation of the work undertaken by the Malawi Poverty Monitoring System (PMS) since 1997. Four rounds of the CPS were conducted between January 2000 and September 2002. The PMS itself was conceived as part…


Uganda- Policies for Improved Land Management Dataset, 1999-2001

This survey was conducted during the Policies For Improved Land Management Project in Uganda, 1999-2003. The long term objective of the project was to contribute to improved land management in Uganda, in order to increase agricultural productivity,…


Benin: Small Farmer Survey, 1998

This survey includes data from the Enquête des Petits Producteurs (Small Farmer Survey) carried out by IFPRI and LARES (Laboratoire d'Analyse Regionale et d'Expertise Sociale, Cotonou, Republic of Benin). The objectives were to describe rural…